Is there a node to control Pi hdmi Monitor?

Just wondering if there is a node to control the hdmi display on a pi, ie control what is being displayed, font size, color, timesquare scroll, image, pixels, etc? I guess one fiddle around and use Dashboard UI somehow, but I guess Dashboard is not specifically designed for this.

Can you elaborate a bit more on "control the hdmi display" ? What do you mean exactly ?

I was inspired after playing around with "processing", where you can control what to display on the screen intricately i.e I can send either definable characters, or even address and light up pixles with x y coordinates.
Just a thought.

So what you're looking for is like a dashboard node that adds an HTML <canvas> to the dashboard, which can be programmatically controlled? Where <canvas> gives you a playing field for all kinds of drawings. It might be possible to do something like that with a custom UI part through the Template Node (part of the node-red-dashboard nodes), and program the display using regular javascript.

Take a look at these links from the Mozilla Development Network:

Or look at the UI Builder project/nodes - that let you build your own dashboard however you like - so you can start with a completely clear canvas if required.