`LINK` node - not showing all the links


I wasn't looking for this, but I see it happening so here is the story:

Messing about on my "Machine health" tab.
There is a link node.
It has an external link to another tab - logging. Ok. Hmmm... Why? (CRAFT disease)
I click on the link to go to the other end of the link.

Sent off to the logging tab/flow.

There is the link node. A lot of local links. A couple of external ones. But machine health is not listed.
I moved the node out and it still isn't listed, so it isn't that the entry is hidden by the node above.

I open the node (edit it) and see the list.
It shows links to the machine health flow there, but NOT on the edit screen.

See pictures.

Any elephants I am missing?


Would that be this Machine health, the name of the flow? Or did you not name the actual node and is it the one with "36084..."

Yes, but if you look at picture #2, machine health is not listed.

There are only WiFi status monitor and ADSL monitor listed.