MQTT traccar Server


I have two mqtt-in nodes pulling data from thethingsnetwork:

These two nodes pulling from the same server (but two different applications).
One of these nodes always gives me a ECONNRESET error.
Can you give me a hint how I can research that issue any further?


Isn't that an http node showing reset, not an mqtt node? Or an I misinterpreting things on my phone?

oh, you're right!

But when I deactivate the second mqtt-in node I do not get an error.
Strange thing. Why is it working with one node?

Look at the messages going into the failing node, and how it is configured, to see what is wrong.

I do not even get a debug message out of the mqtt-in node :frowning:

I am puzzled and do not know where to start?

Using a MQTT analyzing tool? Any hints for a good tool?


It’s a demo traccar server ( and for my TWO GPS-sensors dragino LGT92 I need TWO application. Or am I wrong?

This is what I have done for each of the two sensors:
New mqtt-broker
→ server config: choose name
server: „“, Port 8883; activate SSL/TLS.

new TLS-configuration → new name
download root-certificate (ISRG Root X1) from Let’s Encrypt in new config „CAcertificat“:

tls-config->security: username: TTN-application-ID@ttn“, e.g. „my_application@ttn“.
password is the API-key, for which you have to generate a API-key in TTN web-GUI „Add API key“ (Grant all rights)

Topic: „v3/application-ID@ttn/devices/Device-ID/up“; e.g.: „v3/my_application@ttn/devices/my_end_device/up“
You find the end-device-name in TTN web-GUI.

This is my node (just add your own mqtt-in node):


Do you see any error?

I don't understand what you mean by an application. Please explain.

I am not sure what error you are seeing that is related to MQTT.

Did you try MQTTExplorer to examine what is available from your broker?

The flow you posted is only part of a single node's config.

Have you moved both your trackers to on Application, one MQTT integration and one HTTP post as suggested to you on the TTN forum?

An then see if you are still getting the ECONNRESET error from the HTTP post.

My sensors habe two different firmware versions, so I have to update them to the same version and will try to move them in one application.

Are the decoder different for the different firmware version?

If not you can still use the same application in TTN as long as when you create the tracker on the application you specify the correct version for the firmware.

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