Node is getting deleted on click of backspace on search field

Hello Guys,

I have created custom node in which I have search box will search the label from list of labels.
Issue : when I type a keywords in searchbox and uses back space button to change my search keywords, that time node is getting deleted.

Please help,
Attaching the screenshot.

Thanks in advance...

When we type text in "Search for fields" box and press backspace , that time node is getting deleted.

From a test engineering perspective, without having knowledge of the core of the editor, it sounds like <backspace> is a shortcut for the edit window to be closed, and that in your custom editor widget inside your node, the focus isn't (fully) set to the Search for Fields input, resulting in rather than the backspace to function inside that input, the backspace is used to close the editor window.

The delete key is the shortcut to delete the current selection of nodes in the workspace - but only if the workspace has focus.

When you open the edit dialog, the focus should shift to the edit dialog - which a quick test here shows it does.

However, I have just discovered that you can use tab to shift focus and get to a point where the workspace has keyboard focus, even though the edit dialog is open. In which case hitting delete will delete the node even though the dialog is open. That's a bug we can fix - even though it takes a few hits of tab to get to the point where you'd notice.

@Surendra Quite why your dialog isn't getting keyboard focus when it opens is hard to say. I can't help notice the Properties header of your tab has some custom CSS styling going on - is that something you're doing in your environment on purpose?

I have custom css in my custom node,
I have tried by autofocusing the "Search" input field, but still facing the same issue.
and backspace key is working fine on Name input tag which is present just above the "Search" field.