Node red UI work only in incognito mode

Hi, i'm new in node red. I'm installed on docker, the container is runnig ok but when I navigate to the page on chrome its shows a blank page.

but if I change to private mode it shows ok, also works fine in edge and firefox.

What i'm doing wrong?


Sounds like you have an extension enabled that breaks node-red. Perhaps an ad blocker it some other rubbish. Disable extensions 1 by 1 & reload the browser until it works.

Also, try a hard refresh (ctrl+f5) or clear the cache.

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Thanks Steve, I disabled Epub Reader Extension (!!????) and works fine.

Try enabling it again to make sure it is consistent. If not then it may have been a caching issue.

Yes Colin, I enabled the extension again and the problem returns, all other extensions work fine.

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