Nodered-sending data to INFLUXDB STACKHERO


This is my first topic.

I have problems sending data to InfluxDB which is hosted by stackhero.

I'm getting this error (org i replaced på XXXXXXX, but i correct ind the code) :

FetchError: request to https://https// failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND https

and uses the consequences

Don´t now if it is stackhero or somthing else

hope you can help

Show us how you have configured the influxdb node. Have you put https on the front of the url where it should just be the url? The clue is that there are two in the error.

Thanks! now i don´t get any error :slight_smile:

But no data i getting into IndfluxDB.

nodred stackhero forum

I´m using a test Json just to see if the messuerments is getting in the database.

msg.payload = {
// You bucket
// Optional (it can be defined in the node credentials settings)
bucket: 'IOTDEAS',

// Precision of timestamp
// Optional
// Can be ns (nanoseconds),
// us (microseconds),
// ms (milliseconds),
// s (seconds).
// The default is ns
precision: 'ns',

// Data to send to InfluxDB
// Can be an array of objects or only one object
data: [
measurement: 'machinerySensor',

  tags: {
    deviceId: 'gyh43',
    hardwareVersion: '1.0.2',
    softwareVersion: '2.5.1',
    location: 'factory-1'

  fields: {
    temperature: 12,
    humidity: 46,
    vibrations: 18,
    batteryVoltage: 3.6


// More data can be send here, simply re add an object
// { ... },


return msg;


It is solved, thanks for your input

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