Nora connection missing voice connection

Dear ....

With a connection of Nora, I was been able to switch by Node RED a contact of a PLC by just talking to Google Nest device. (include to control it directly bij the dashboard)
It came nice back with te answer... "I did switch the light on"
so every thing works wonderful.... till 2 days ago.. Right now Google assistant keeps back with "I do not understand " or "Nora not connected".
Without any reason (or I don't know yet) the voice connection is not understanding the command.
I can still switch the contact by control it in the google home app. So by pushing a button on the hole screen. Does someone know where to look now. I reinstalled everything, rebuild the whole Flow in Node RED etc. etc. the message i got from Node RED: "nora (g-6Q4): socket connection error: user already connected".
The only thing what is changed is the IP adres ore name. But, because of an total reinstall of complete everything this can't be the problem ... (or?) I did read several topics about connection errors but not this one. Is there any idea. Thanks for the help.

Best Regards Ton.

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