Personalised Multi User Dashboards with Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 • FlowFuse Webinar

Join us on February 29th to discuss Multi-User Dashboards with Joe Pavitt.

Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 has recently seen it's first major, stable release. In this Webinar, Joe Pavitt will demonstrate some of the new features available, and in particular, demonstrate how you can easily build out a multi-user dashboard when running Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 on FlowFuse

With Node-RED Dashboard 1.0, a very common feature request was "Personalised Multi User Dashboards", whereby different data could be rendered, in the same dashboard, for different users. Now, with the evolution of FlowFuse to elevate your Node-RED experience, we can easily secure our instances with FlowFuse Authentication, and utilise this to build out such dashboards.

Joe will demonstrate some of the main features of Node-RED Dashboard 2.0, and then dive into how you can use these features to:

  • Build out a personalized multi-user dashboard, with unique data for each user
  • Build admin-only views
  • Track user activity for auditing purposes.

We'll also be hosting a Q&A session at the end of the Webinar if you have any particular questions, queries of feedback you'd like to discuss directly with the team.


Thanks to everyone involved in the webinar.

I'd just like to clarify, in order to do multi user dashboards, we must be using the Teams version of Flowfuse which is a minimum $125 a month?

Hi @Waz, that’s likely from the 1st of April onwards. Currently it’s possible to adopt the team tier with one Node-RED instance at $25.

Multi user functionality is a team tier feature as its only valuable to organisations that have information available to some but not all employees or stakeholders.

The minimum instances I can select on the site is 5.

That’s correct, we’re making some changes to the pricing soon and we didn’t want to get new customers a surprise within the first month. I hope you understand.

If there’s a good reason for you to need this feature but feel like $125/mo kills your business case, would you be available to chat with me so we can adjust our course?

Yep, will do. Who is the best person to speak to?

Hi !

I am also interested in the multi-user dashboard feature, but 125 USD/month is overkill,
as I would also only use a single node-red instance. Please let me kow, if there will be a better pricing for "simple" small-time users like us.

Thank you !

Can you expand on your use case? Where do you need multiple users on one dashboard where the pricing is prohibitively expensive? Happy to DM too if you’d like to keep it confidential

Thank for your promt reply. Here is the case. I collect data from various sensors. (via mqtt)
I can change data sending rate of the sensor by control message.

What I'd like to achieve, is to have a dashboard, where I can create views of actual (last received) data,
and an input field to change sending rate ( a slider).

That is all quite simple so far and can be done with normal node-red dashboard.

But I want to differentiate, who can see and access which sensor.

user nr 1 can only see sensor nr 1,
user nr2 can see sensors 2 and 3,
and so on...

Just to check some details here:

  • Are you the only user with access to Node-RED in this case, but there are multiple users of the Dashboard?
  • Is this in a professional setting, or a hobby/home-automation project?

Hi !

Yes, I would be the only (admin) user with access to node-red, creating various dashboards for other users. Those other users only need access to their dedicated dashboards.
The setting would be an experimental test project rather, that could may be later grow to something more professional.