Scrolling in EDIT window, strange things happening


Sorry folks, but this is a new one.

NR 19.4.

I am zoomed out a fair bit and am dragging the window around. (The view)
I get this request popping up.
See attached and note red rectangle around request.

I can't capture screen "correctly" (as in with mouse and all the other stuff) but I hope this is good enough to help anyone understand what is happening.

The only way to get around it is (so far) to zoom in a bit then drag the scroll bars.

Once, it locked up the window (Browser) and I had to refresh to get it working again.


The editor supports dragging and dropping a flow file or some flow JSON text in to the editor window to import it. That prompt happens when the editor thinks that's what you are doing.

You must be accidentally triggering it somehow whilst scrolling the window. If you can narrow down the circumstances that trigger it, we can see how to avoid it being falsely triggered.

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It has been a few hours and I have just gone back (after a machine shut down - THIS, not the NR) and can't get it to happen.

If it does I shall try to remember what is happening at that time.

As you may see from the screen shot, there were lots of messages going on.

Maybe the CPU load was just that bit too high.

But I shall take that on board and report any further developments and report them.