Send NodeRed status to HomeAssistant

Hi folks!
What I'm trying to do, is an WAN-Connection check. So I'm doing a ping to Google DNS, and if this ping fails, I want an binary_sensor entity in Homeassistant to show, that there's no Internet connection available. I'm experimenting with the "Entity-Node", got the websocket extension via HACS installed, but have no clue how to get the rest done.

I want the binary sensor to show false if the Ping msg. is false, and true if the Ping node msg is anything other than "False". Can you help me to configure the node correctly?


If the problem you have is with doing the ping then we can help, but if it is with the HA side then you would probably be better on an HA forum as not many here use HA.

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I see, thank you :-). It's indeed more a Homeassistant related problem i guess

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