Setting up/Configuring Node Red to connect to Raspberry pi 4 via ethernet cable on a mac

Hello, I am working on a school project in which I would like to use Node Red and its editor to configure operation of a tv settings which will be connected to a Raspberry pi 4 model. I recently downloaded and installed the most recent raspberry pi software to my Mac and believed I formatted the sd card correctly. I am having issues with the next step of connecting with the ssh terminal on my Mac to gain access to the node red browser editor so I can proceed with setting up my flows and etc. I tried following the steps on the forum and other sites but I am having difficulties. Can someone plz assist! ?

So i'm a litle confused. You say

I recently downloaded and installed the most recent raspberry pi software to my Mac

Do you mean you downloaded the latest raspbian image to your mac and then flashed an SD card with it? Was it the 'Lite' version or the full version?
Assuming so, you have now put it into your Pi and powred it up. In order to SSH into the Pi, you need to know the IP address of the Pi. You need to attach a monitor and keyboard to the Pi and if it was the lite version, login and then enter ifconfig to see the IP address. If it is the desktop version, tehn you can open a terminal window and issue the command there.

Once you have the IP address, bak at the mac, you can ssh into the P using that address.

You do not connect to node red with ssh. You connect by pointing your browser to the IP address of the machine running node red using port 1880 like this for example: is the IP address of the machine running node red.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. So I downloaded the full version and it is flashed with a card. I know the IP address from using my ip scanner app but when I type it into the terminal. It leaves me with this error message, “connect to host, the ip address port 22: Connection refused

Hi, thank you for replying. To provide you with more background info. I downloaded the full version and flawed it with the ads card which is now in my Raspberry pi. I was able to see the IP address and went I point it to the browser. A “safari can’t connect to the server” message comes up. Not sure what else to do.

by default ssh on a new Pi is disabled but can be turned on by adding a file called ssh to the root directory of the sd card - you then need to run sudo raspi-config to turn it on permanently - see


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