[solved] Accessing N-R on pi v3.0 from within my own network

Hi All,

I'd like to be able to use my phone from within my home network to access the Node-Red dashboard on my pi so I can check what the UI looks like on...an actual phone. The pi is, I'm typing into my phone's browser and it times out. I've got that port forwarded in my router, and I've tried adding /ui to the end of the address but it always times out. I'm guessing this is easy for someone in the know?


Edit: I just tried this from my laptop and it worked. Checked my phone and it was on my guest net, switched and working now!

I'm not the security expert here but you MUST NOT expose an unsecured NR instance to the internet

Since your accessing it on the same network - there is no need for it, so please un-forward it ASAP

It's undone and working w/o the forward.

I'm computer savvy, but not "hacker" savvy so I don't understand the "hoopla" over ports being forwarded. Someone would have to very lucky to find a single IP in the world with one open port. Even if stumbled across, what could they do? The pi is the only thing they could get to, right? I can reformat and reinstall it's image file in a blink.


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There are robots out there looking specifically for exposed port 1880 and adding flows to do things like crytpo currency mining. Node red is a very powerful tool, remember it can run any system command the user is allowed to perform using an exec node.
If it is easy for you then do as you suggest and reflash the card. Then you can sleep soundly at night.

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