Start node red without loading any flows

Hi, I did install Bullseye with the pi imager (virgin install) and I choose Bullseye as I am installing it on a Pi Zero 1 and there was no selection available for Bookworm, only Bullseye.

I have finally managed to get it going on the fresh Bullseye install by manually installing Node-Red ( npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red).

My problem now is I cant get the UI working (XX.XX.XX.XX:1880/ui/ !!!! It reports "back cannot GET /ui"

Ah the original Pi Zero, I have stopped using those. I only use 64 bit devices with wifi, which includes the Zero Two.
It's been a long time since I used npm install too.
Can you install the dashboard via Manage Palette?

Hi, Just got the UI last. Should have done this fresh install in the first place to save all that wasted time..

The fact that it is using such old hardware is probably the cause of your problems. I am not sure that nodesource provide builds for the original Zero any more. When you ran the install script on the new install did you specify a particular version of nodesjs (using --node20 for example) or leave it at the default?

@dceejay are you able to comment on this?

Hi Colin, yes, I added --node20 and its now last
node V20.11.0
npm V10.2.4
Not sure why the zero 1 is not supported as its still generally available to buy??
Thanks for your help Colin...

I thought you said that script didn't work and you had to install node-red manually.

The script should still work on arm6 as we use the unofficial builds for that. But yes I need to check where they got to with node20 as it may well get dropped

It now seems that the script did install nodejs 20 OK, so it is not clear at the moment what, if any, problem there was.

Ive got node-red working again and I have imported the flows but Im now getting warnings that the nodes are not installed. Is there a way of copying the nodes from the original node red to the new copy of node red. I was thinking of copying the .node-red/node_modules directory and pasting it over the new node red node_modules directory ??

No. Just copy the package.json and run npm install (all inside .node-red directory)

Hi Steve, Thanks, that did the trick...all back to normal now

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