Strange issue or bug opening a Sub-Flow

If within the flow, a sub-flow node exists, I have sometimes a strange situtation:
Usually, when I double-click on the sub-flow, a dialog and I can change properties or edit the subflow.
But sometimes it does not react and when I click multiple times, suddenly it opens.
Here a screenshot:

It seems that related to that, sometimes values set for Environment-Variables on the object get deleted.
Can you confirm the same issue?
Do you think, I should open an issue on github?

Are you using the latest version of node-red (1.2.7)? I don't remember such a bug but always it is a good idea to update to latest before thinking you may have found a new issue.
Also which version of nodejs are you using? Run node -v in a terminal to find out.

Hi Colin,
Thaks for your response.
I have version 1.2.6
After reading the changelog, I don't think that this has changed between 1.2.6 and 1.2.7

Node Version is:

What seems to be happening is that it is opening mutliple instances of the dialog, one for each double click, but all in one window somehow. I managed to get that by clicking four times rapidly. I found that I had to Cancel or Done the dialog mulitple times to make all the instances disappear. I can easily see how that might might cause loss of parameters as a later one might overwrite changes you made in the first one. Whether there is anything that node-red can do about this aspect of the problem I don't know. It may be a browser issue.
If you only double click once and then wait then I guess it will eventually open. So the underlying problem is that it takes a long time to open. Are you running the browser on a low power machine such as a Pi? If not then what OS are you running and is the rest of the performance in the editor ok?

Hi Colin,
Actually it is a server, there is no high load.
Yes, seems to be a browser issue. The question is for me never the less, why is it possible to reopen the window, when it is (already) loading? I have several browser sessions open for multiple days, and as I use a strong authentication, the load-time might take after 2FA session expiration a little longer.
I can't complain about performance issues using the editor in general.

There is a known issue around this (known in the sense I know about it, there isn't an explicit issue on GitHub I can point you at).

The problem can be recreated with any node that has credentials. When you open the dialog, the editor makes a request to the runtime to get information about any credentials the node has. The dialog is not shown until that request completes. Normally it completes quick enough for the user not to notice. But if there is any delay, or the runtime isn't running, then the request hangs and the dialog doesn't open. The user then clicks again to open the dialog and it another request is sent which hangs. When those requests eventually timeout (or succeed), the dialog opens - and it'll open once for each time the user dbl clicked to open the dialog.

I've been meaning to fix this for a while as I tend to hit it whilst developing NR and the server is constantly stopping and restarting whilst I'm developing. But it wasn't something I had heard any reports of from real users - until your question here.

So please do raise an issue and we can get it fixed.

Thanks @knolleary
I don't have a real good idear where to fix it, and what the main issue is, but I created an issue:

I can imagine, that my browser is a little slow (if certificate authentication needs to be reestablished), but I think the multiple opening and even the clear of values should not happen.

Thanks @crackytsi

I have raised this pull-request to fix the issue.

WoW great :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thank you @knolleary I have no clue how you are able to so fast writing fix... :sunglasses:

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