This error is not making sense

Sorry folks, but one things has lead to another.

This is the FLOW and errors I am seeing.
Taking the name of the error how it can't open the file, the nodes with that name are shown (but one which is under the edit window)
Picture 1:

Clicking on the part that is underlined in black I get the CONFIG tab.
So when I click it cycles to the CONFIG list and the next part is shown.

Picture 2:

So, I'm guessing that these nodes are causing the error.

But please note that on the second picture that "Flow 1" is DISABLED!
Sorry I didn't highlight this.
But I am still getting the errors.

Even if I delete the entire tab and press DEPLOY.

What is going on?

stop and restart NR and see if it goes away and go look at my questions in the other thread

I rebooted the machine and the problem has stopped.

Weird (to me) why it didn't stop with the flow/tab disabled though.

All good now.