Wall mounted Node-RED touch screen device: Request for ideas and volunteers

I have used this for pin entry, works well

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On Kickstarter there is a Sonoff touch screen display/controller for $54

It looks brilliant except that a) it uses the eWeLink app, b) it fits into a {lightswitch?} hole in the wall and c) the wiring diagram shows a Neutral connection, so presumably no use in UK.

Yep. I have been reading about that this morning. I love the look of it. Just sad it can’t take power from Ethernet, and as far as I’m aware nobody has hacked it yet to access the Nextion screen built in

A) Welink is a nogo (asks for full location gps data on setup - sorry, thanks no)
But the esp32 is fully exposed via “normal” pin headers.

I like the two physical switches and build in relays and temp sensor (but I would have preferred a better one)

B) yes but the height of a light switch is not good for a tft screen device (unless you are a kid)

@hazymat Don’t think it’s a nextion - that would be a absolute no go. An ESP32 is totally able to handle the small display. And all the other stuff.

Yes it is a Nextion - iTead Studios have published the spec

An esp32 only for wifi and all the alexa and google stuff? Oh no. I did some nextion test a few years ago and it was awful. Not only the editor but also the result was not appealing.

If you need something like this the wireless tag 8ms software looks promising. Based on the LVGL library


d) it seems to lag :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a look
new little touch terminal
more info

Hi @juntiedt,
Yes the Sonoff NSPanel seems like a nice device:


And it has a temperature sensor inside.
But for my use case it lacks some features:

  1. It is an in-wall solution (to replace a traditional light switch):


  2. No PIR sensor.

  3. Fixed dashboard, e.g. swipe to show temperature control. Most probably other widgets will be added in the future. But not possible I think to show my custom alarm keypad for example. Read somewhere that most probably its ESP32-DOWD microcontroller will be more likely to be hacked in the near future, and custom firmware will be developed. So perhaps then it might become interesting.

As far I know by now the screen is produced by nextion and communicates via serial to the esp32 handling wifi and all the alexa, google ….
Nextions use stm32 (good choice for tfts). Handling with two different platforms makes the hardware less attractive to open source project. The nextion editor software was at the time I tested a big disappointment.

As noted before I resist using any sonoff (or other “free” but not open source software)

My final goal still is to get my own firmware on an esp32 using LVGL. So I wait for my espressive 4.5” board to arrive (mouser is not better in this regard as others as soon as a device is on backorder)

BTW a pir sensor is not necessary. Espressive found a way to do that in software analysing the wifi data

Many Sonoffs can fairly easily be reflashed with Arduino code, and I think there is an LVGL Arduino library. Don't know if it is open source, or even if it works.

I use many of sonoff devices with my own homebrew software. Never powered one with the original software running.
Transferring my code from thre Arduino framework to the IDF is a challenge I planed to use the LVGL (which is completely open source) over the winter.

If you are interested. Here is a way to OTA update a sonoff DIY device (sonoff mini) without soldering. Witch was hard as it uses a esp8285 with only 1mb of flash memory.

will perhaps be merged into that

Thanks. I have a couple of redundant Sonoff switches, now replaced by smart sockets with Tasmota

When I start using this system, I will have to install a plate next to my front door:

Dear mister burglar,
Please make sure that you carry your smartphone with you, with the wifi signal enabled.
Otherwise there is no way I can detect your presence!!!
Thanks for your cooperation,


:rofl: But as I see it they do not detect the wifi device carried around by a human or dog :wink: . They detect the disturbance by a body of the overall wifi "field" analyzing the sub-carrier channels.

So it is real "movement" detection. When the woman sits still the "lamp" goes off and when she moves it is detected. She is not throwing here phone out of the window or switching wifi on and off.

Unfortunately this is not useful for presence detection which could work by detecting a cell phone or a smart watch - but still brings false positive if someone left a device unattended in the room or has forgotten to charge it. That is what I'm looking for. The BME680 presence detection it quite nicely but slowly - good for adjusting heating. Combined with movement detection It could be improved. Now I only need to implement this in software.

It is even possible to count the amount of people in a room my analyzing the wifi signal field disturbance by natural tiny position changes of humans

Just wondering if it can differentiate humans and animals :wink:


Can you pls link to some reference here, or explain what this is? BME680 is a gas / pressure sensor and I have not heard of any presence detection application.


Sure: New bathroom ideas - #91 by TotallyInformation

But you can go a step further and distinguish dogs from humans ... vi AI :wink:

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