Workspace nodes not properly configured

In trying to figure out how to use CSS I downloaded and installed numerous flows. After finally coming to grips with the code I went to delete all the extraneous stuff and now when I go to save I get this

node 00

I have searched throughout the editor and have no idea where to go to get these things and delete them.
Any thoughts please?

Also, just found I cannot move anything around in the layout mode

Maybe the two are connected somehow?

They are all nodes in your workspace that have errors in the configuration. They will have little red triangles above them.

Given they all have names, you could also search for them (Ctrl-F in the editor)

I only have three flows and they aren't that big and I don't see any red triangles over anything. And I've seen a lot of red triangles before while sorting out code. Also there is this
node again

And when I click there is no discernible things happening in the editor.

and when I search for one of the items I get this
node searchj

and when I click it doesn't show anything labeled creme-----

I did click again and it did create the thingies so I can see them now but still can't move anything in the layout editor. One small step....

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