Xiaomi firmware update issues

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with their Xiaomi devices after updating the firmware to 1.4.1_156.0143.

Aside for the changes to the messages being sent to node red I'm having major issues with my smart switches. There now appears to be no differential between short and long press options on these switches alongside sometimes missing the long press message altogether and only sending the new long_press_release message.

I realise that none of this is a node red issue. Just wondering if people have experienced the same problems post-update.

I've just updated to version 1.4.1_156.0143 (from 1.4.1_155.0143)
It works for me (click, double_click, long_click_press, long_click_release).

[20:01:33] DEBUG {"cmd":"report","model":"switch","sid":"158d0001f35b90","short_id":46517,"data":{"status":"click"}}
[20:01:35] DEBUG {"cmd":"report","model":"switch","sid":"158d0001f35b90","short_id":46517,"data":{"status":"double_click"}}
[20:01:38] DEBUG {"cmd":"report","model":"switch","sid":"158d0001f35b90","short_id":46517,"data":{"status":"long_click_press"}}
[20:01:38] DEBUG {"cmd":"report","model":"switch","sid":"158d0001f35b90","short_id":46517,"data":{"status":"long_click_release"}}

How are you reading the xiaomi devices?