ZWave problem in communication

Hello, I have a problem with sending a certain temperature to the Dansfossa heads of nodered. Can someone tell me what the problem is at the CMD factory or what I am doing wrong??

Hi @MaCane

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The ValueAPI only wants the value. In your case 16.
the property that this value is applied to is already identified in the ValueID its self.

So - change the value property to 16, not {"value":16}

lastly, make sure you're connecting the CMD Factory node to your Controller or Device Node.
It only creates the command for you, removing the need to do so yourself, the output will need to be connected.

You can also open up the built-in UI debugger on the ZWave Tab, and change the value in the UI (click pencil), this will reveal the command being sent, which you can then harvest for your function nodes or any other flow.

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